How to make your own cartridges

Required materials:

  • Delta-8 Distillate
  • Terpenes (Check out or
  • A heat source (Oven, Microwave, Sous vide)
  • An oven mitt or heat protecting gloves (Amazon)
  • Vape Cartridges ( Check out HamiltonDevices for small amounts or
  • Oral Syringes with 14 gauge blunt tips (Amazon)
  • *Optional Cartridge filling gun ( for the gun)
  • A glass container of appropriate volume for mixing (Amazon)
  • A Magnetic stir plate with PTFE stir bars that will fit in your container or a Homogenizer. The homogenizer is the best choice here. (Amazon for the stir plate or RoseScientific for the homogenizer. I recommend the X1740 High Power homogenizer with a G40 closed shaft for the best results. Their sales rep can better assist in picking out the right homogenizer.)

We will assume we are working with 100 grams of distillate with a terpene dilution ratio of 10%. This would mean you would add 10 grams of terpenes to 100 grams of distillate. I recommend weighing out your terpenes in an oral syringe beforehand for an easier mixing process.

Step one:
Heat your distillate. You will need to heat it to a liquid state. This is usually achieved at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The easiest way to do this is in the microwave. Microwave the distillate until 200 degrees Fahrenheit is achieved or the distillate is in a visibly liquid state while not producing any vapor. It is best to heat it until it is as liquid as possible for the easiest mixing, especially if not using a homogenizer. If the distillate starts to produce vapor or smoke, you have overheated it. If you are using a water bath, make sure to keep your distillate from getting wet. A water bath takes much longer to achieve a liquid state but it is safer if you are worried about overheating your distillate.

Step two:
Mix in the terpenes. Once the distillate is in a liquid state, you can begin the mixing process. First, take your liquid distillate and start mixing it on a magnetic stir plate without adding terpenes. If you are using a homogenizer, then do the same, start the homogenization process before you add the terpenes. While it is mixing just the raw liquid distillate, add in your desired amount of terpenes. For this write up we used the example of 100 grams Distillate with 10 grams of terpenes. This would produce approximately 110 one gram vape cartridges with 10% terpenes (typically less due to waste from transfers). The reason we add the terpenes while it is already mixing is to prevent terpene evaporation. If using a homogenizer, 1000 RPM for 1-2 minutes will achieve a homogenized solution. If using a magnetic stir plate, it will likely take longer. When using a magnetic stir plate, it often helps to speed up the mixing process by shaking the jars with a lid on them to mix the terpenes and distillate after it has already been stirred once. If you decide to shake the jars, make sure to mix them again afterward to ensure a homogenized solution.  Once you have achieved a homogenized mixture you are ready to move onto step three, the filling process.

Step three:
Fill the cartridges. If you are using an oral syringe, make sure to use a 14 gauge or larger syringe tip. Luer lock syringes are best as the distillate can cool quickly and will push the tip of the syringe off. The distillate must still be 200 degrees or at least 180 degrees. If your distillate has cooled down after mixing, reheat it for 30 seconds or less in the microwave or until it is in a liquid state again. If you have already added terpenes and are reheating be very careful not to overheat or the terpenes may evaporate. When the distillate is once again in a liquid state, you can pull 1ml up with the oral syringe from your mixing container to insert into the empty cartridge. If you are using a cartridge filling gun, you can pour your mixture into your reservoir and start filling with your cartridge gun (make sure you pre-heated it!). If you are using a cartridge gun, check out their instructions as all guns are different. Cap the cartridge within 2 minutes of filling it to preserve atmospheric pressure.  Once the cartridge is full and capped, let it stand for 24 hours to absorb and wick for the best results.

Congrats! You just made some Delta-8 cartridges like a pro!